Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) Policy

Hanon Systems is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace, while protecting and conserving the environment. These values are present in how we conduct ourselves at work, in the products and services we provide, and demonstrate our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen. Management must set an example to foster a best-in-class environmental, health and safety (EH&S) culture by focusing efforts and the necessary resources to achieve EH&S excellence, and employees must embrace the culture in daily actions across the company.


A commitment to the environment applies to all business and operations where any laws, regulations, customer requirements and other compliance concerning environmental issues. Excellence in environmental matters is improving the efficiency of energy use, reducing waste and pollution, and protecting natural resources. We will continually strive to be an environmentally friendly company through these efforts, and will comply with environmental requirements and participate in company’s activities to preserve nature.


Health and Safety
A commitment to safety applies to employees at all levels and in all initiatives in which the company participates.  Excellence in health and safety matters is a company-wide responsibility and all employees, at all levels, must follow safety rules and regulations, avoid unsafe acts and quickly address unsafe conditions at all times. We will apply our best efforts to create a healthy and safe workplace with zero injuries.


Risk Management
Effective operational standards and work practices, which are designed to prevent risk to the environment and human health, add significant shareholder value, and results in reducing risks, liabilities and costs, protecting employees and exceeding customer expectations. We commit, at a minimum, to meeting legal requirements concerning environmental, health and safety matters that are under the company’s control, and to participate constructively with governmental agencies by providing timely and accurate information to ensure regulatory compliance. We also commit all operations will have an accurate and current risk management system to prevent any property loss or casualties.


IMS Improvement
Hanon Systems incorporates into its business an integrated management system (IMS) that is consistent with the ISO 14001 International Standard and the OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management System. The system identifies, evaluates and controls significant environmental aspects and safety risks. It is the foundation for continuous improvement in Hanon Systems facilities, products and services. This improvement is measured by objectives and targets that include:


• Providing a safe workplace for all employees with zero tolerance for unsafe acts or conditions;
• Achieving excellence through systematic disciplined environment, health and safety processes in the areas of product design, development and manufacturing;
• Reducing, reusing and/or recycling wastes, water and packaging materials;
• Reducing air emissions and pollution prevention; and
• Improving the efficiency and conservation of energy and natural resources.


This global environmental, health and safety policy helps ensure sustainable development and the long-term economic viability of Hanon Systems through risk reduction, efficiency improvements and customer preferences.
We personally commit to uphold this policy and expect our employees, contractors and visitors to commit in an
equal manner.



In-Young Lee                                                                        
President and CEO                                            


This statement outlines the environmental, health and safety policy of Hanon Systems and applies to all facilities and individual representatives of Hanon Systems and its affiliates.  EH&S Policy – 2017

  • 2015-04-16