Code of Basic Working Conditions

our commitment to responsible business

Hanon Systems is committed to creating and maintaining an environment in which all employees are treated with integrity and respect, and differences are highly valued. By creating a corporate culture in which harassment or discriminatory treatment of any form is not tolerated, we can give every employee the opportunity to contribute fully to business success. This Code supports our Core Values and is the basis of our relationship with our employees.

Environment, Health and Safety

We will provide and maintain for all employees a safe and healthy working environment that meets or exceeds applicable standards for occupational safety and health, and our operations will accomplish their functions in a manner that provides for the protection of the world’s environmental resource base, the prevention of pollution, the protection of biodiversity and climate change mitigation.

Harassment and Discrimination

We will not tolerate harassment or discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, ethnic or social origin, age, creed, religion, caste, nationality and national origin, marital/parental status, health status, disability, sexual orientation, trade union affiliation or veteran status.

Child Labor

We will not use child labor. In no event will we employ any person below the age of 15 unless it is part of a government authorized job training or apprenticeship program that would be clearly beneficial to the persons participating and the law clearly permits such employment.

Forced Labor

We will not use forced labor, regardless of its form. We will not tolerate physically abusive disciplinary practices or abuse of labor in any form.

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

We recognize and respect our employees’ right to associate freely and bargain collectively. We will work constructively with recognized representatives to promote the interests of our employees. In all locations, whether represented by unions or not, we will seek to provide opportunities for employee concerns to be heard.


We will promote our employees’ material well-being by providing compensation and benefits that are competitive and comply with applicable law, regulations and collective agreements.

Work Hours

We will comply with applicable law regulating hours of work.

Responsibility and Implementation

We will communicate this Code of Basic Working Conditions to all employees. As appropriate under local practice, we will seek the support and assistance of unions and employee representatives in this effort. We will require that our business partners throughout our supply chain also adopt and enforce similar workplace codes of conduct. We will seek to identify and utilize business partners who aspire in the conduct of their business to standards that are consistent with this Code.

Reports of violations or suspected violations of this policy can be made anonymously by contacting the global hotline number or email: +82.2.3498.5555 or ethics@hanonsystem.com or by reporting an incident via the Hanon Systems Ethics Helpline on the company’s global website (www.hanonsystems.com). No retaliatory actions will be taken against any employee who makes such a report or cooperates in an investigation of such a violation reported by someone else.