A Message from the CEO


To our Stakeholders,

Today, a global business is no longer measured by its footprint and reach. Instead, it highlights the responsibility of a company to think and act globally in its outlook, and to incorporate a holistic approach in its business conduct, operations and decision-making.

At Hanon Systems, we embrace and actively promote an enterprise-wide culture focused on delivering value to all our stakeholders, which includes efforts to drive to positive change to create a sustainable future. We actively strive to listen and act upon the stakeholder concerns – whether it is through engagement with business partners, our employees, our shareholders or the communities where we operate – and we recognize these inputs as important elements in our journey toward sustainable growth.

As our vision states: Hanon Systems aspires to be a leader in innovative thermal and energy management solutions, and we take pride in our achievements to design and deliver eco-friendly solutions that address the needs of new energy vehicles, as well as in the solutions that enhance the driving experience by improving occupant comfort and cabin air quality.

We recognize it is not sufficient to simply design and manufacture technologies that support the fight against climate change and global warming. Of equal focus is the impact of operations on the earth’s climate, resources and its people. By expanding focus beyond what is produced to include how it is manufactured, companies can make a significant impact to create a better place for the generations of tomorrow.

With every Hanon Systems manufacturing site accredited to ISO14001 standards, we are publicly demonstrating the company’s commitment to robust environmental management, improvements in the conservation of natural resources, and the reduction of air emissions and pollution.

We also take pride in our focus on operational efficiency and continuous learning to drive enterprise excellence. Efforts in this area are ongoing and have shown to improve the company’s performance and lessen the environmental impact, particularly in the case of energy-saving initiatives.

Our employees are the company’s greatest asset, which is one reason the health and safety of our workforce is a top priority. We continue to operate at world-class performance levels in terms of safety and maintain an OHSAS18001 accreditation covering all global locations. Through our robust health and safety management system, and global awareness campaigns, we are confident our efforts to instill a mindset focused on zero unsafe actions will become increasingly embedded in the culture of the company.

At Hanon Systems, we recognize the critical role our employees play in the company’s success, which includes its efforts around corporate responsibility. We strive to be an employer of choice to attract and retain the best talent by supporting and promoting an inclusive working environment that embodies challenging assignments, safe and fair labor practices, and is based on mutual trust and respect.

There is pride in the deep talent and passion that exists within our ranks. Collectively, our global team brings a broad and diverse range of skill sets based on different cultures, experiences and thought leadership that enables the company to compete in this highly competitive industry. We also promote corporate volunteerism and take pride in the level of active employee engagement surrounding Hanon Systems Citizen, the company’s social contribution program that encourages an aligned focus on activities impacting education, the environment and communities. While this program is still somewhat in its infancy, we expect to see ongoing momentum with this program in the future.

As a full-line automotive supplier serving the global automotive market, we commit to building stakeholder trust by providing high-quality products, transparent and honest communication, and fair business practices at all times. We also commit to investing in technologies and practices that bring a positive impact to our communities, employees, customers and the planet.

It is our firm aspiration to act as a good corporate citizen and we recognize the efforts we make today will lay the foundation for a better tomorrow.

In-Young Lee

President and CEO

Hanon Systems