Creating Value in the Workplace


It makes sense a company that focuses on the delivering solutions that bring comfort and aims to improve the well-being of consumers also focuses on bringing similar benefits to its people. Hanon Systems strives to create a work environment that prioritizes the spirit of collaboration and inclusion, development, and creativity of its employees.


Hanon Systems recognizes the critical role our employees play in the company’s success, which includes its efforts around corporate responsibility. The company strives to be an employer of choice to attract and retain the best talent by supporting and promote an inclusive working environment that embodies challenging assignments, safe and fair labor practices, and is based on mutual trust and respect.

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Ethics policy
Code of Basic Working Conditions
Ethics policy
Code of
Basic Working Conditions

Health and Safety

At Hanon Systems, the safety and well-being of employees is a top priority, which is why employees are deliberately listed as a core value and noted as “the strength of our company” in the corporate direction as a public testament to this fact. Ensuring an adequate health and safety management system is a critical element in demonstrating a commitment to employee safety. It is this reason all Hanon Systems sites are certified to OHSAS 18001 standards.

Creating a safe and healthy operating environment includes an unwavering and collective commitment to adopt embrace safe practices at all times, and mindset focused on a zero tolerance for unsafe actions and conditions. The company’s policy on environmental, health and safety outlines the expectations for all employees, which includes anyone operating on behalf of Hanon Systems or visitors to any of the company’s locations.


As with any organization, employees spend a substantial portion of their day in the workplace. It is important that employees are made aware of ways to improve their health both inside and outside of work and to provide a platform on which to do so. At Hanon Systems, various health support initiatives are made available around the globe, including campaigns on healthy eating, ergonomics, stress management and work-life balance. A large number of our locations also provide sports-based programs including fitness and yoga classes, cycle-to-work schemes, team sports and running.