Hanon Systems Reaffirms Commitment to Eco-Friendly Solutions and Operations

SEOUL, Korea, Dec. 15, 2021 – Hanon Systems (KS:018880), a leading global provider of automotive thermal and energy management solutions, is reaffirming its commitment to eco-friendly technologies and operations.


As an automotive thermal and energy management company, Hanon Systems continues to develop innovative solutions to support electrified vehicles, invest its capital and resources to promote the global adoption of eco-friendly vehicles, and take action to reduce its carbon footprint.


“The appeal of Hanon Systems is rooted in its products and talented people,” said Nurdal Kücükkaya, representative executive officer and president of Hanon Systems. “We take pride in our efforts to help automakers enhance their brands.”


The company’s focus on electrification to support the rapidly growing e-mobility market also is evident in its strategic growth and investments. In 2019, the company enhanced its global footprint, technological capabilities, and customer and product portfolio by acquiring the fluid pressure and controls business of Magna International. In 2018, the company partnered with industry convener Volta Energy Technologies by securing a stake in Solid Power, a Colorado-based developer of solid-state rechargeable battery technology, which recently listed on the NASDAQ Composite Index under the ticker symbol SLDP. This investment continues to yield accretive benefits by helping to promote the acceleration of new battery technologies, and provides the company with early insights into the next generation of automotive thermal and energy management solutions for electrified vehicles.


Beyond developing solutions that support the shift toward e-mobility, Hanon Systems also is focusing on the environmental aspects that surround the manufacture of such solutions across its value chain.


The company joins its customers and other automotive suppliers in the industry to minimize the negative effects of greenhouse gas emissions on the earth’s climate, resources and people. In doing so, Hanon Systems commits to achieving net zero carbon footprint emissions by 2040 across its products and global operations. As an element of the company’s overall sustainability strategy, efforts are progressing with an action plan to achieve carbon neutrality.


Min Sung, representative executive officer and chief executive officer of Hanon Systems, added: “We recognize the efforts we make today can have a positive impact on the world for future generations. As a company, we commit to investing in technologies and practices that bring a positive impact to our communities, employees, customers, shareholders and the planet; and to acting as a good corporate citizen.”