Workplace & Environment


A focus on the environment – across all aspects of the business – is the catalyst to creating a better world for future generations. At Hanon Systems, this basic premise is at the heart of the company’s environmental management principles, which is realized through the individual talent and personal conviction of employees.

For the company, declaring a commitment to the environment is not a directive; instead, it is a mindset that is manifesting itself in many ways – whether it is developing solutions to support eco-friendly vehicles to making manufacturing operations more energy efficient to organizing employee volunteer outings to plant trees in a local schoolyard.


Hanon Systems recognizes the critical role our employees play in the company’s success, which includes its efforts around corporate responsibility. The company strives to be an employer of choice to attract and retain the best talent by supporting and promote an inclusive working environment that embodies challenging assignments, safe and fair labor practices, and is based on mutual trust and respect.

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Embracing an Environmental Focus

Hanon Systems recognizes the importance of having a robust and best-practice environmental management system in place globally. Hanon Systems maintains ISO 14001 certification and assurance covering all global manufacturing facilities. Strong EH&S management keeps employees informed and aware of ways to continuously build and improve on the company’s performance.

With a focus on the impact of climate change, the company has established a long term roadmap to be carbon neutral by 2040. By sharing best practices, implementing innovative solutions and nurturing a culture of continuous improvement, Hanon Systems can bring value to the environment and the bottom line.

Air and Water Pollution Management

Air and water pollution remains a global issue that negatively impacts everyone and everything on the planet. Hanon Systems asserts it will comply with and work to exceed the minimum level of requirements where any laws, regulations, customer requirements or other compliance obligations exist concerning environmental matters by acting as a good corporate citizen in an environmentally friendly manner.

Waste Management

Creating industrial waste lowers operating efficiency. At the same time, it represents an opportunity to improve overall efficiency. At Hanon Systems, aluminum, iron, waste oil, general waste and plastic accounts for the majority of waste in terms of raw materials. Targets for each manufacturing process are set with the intent to reduce waste as well as to minimize any defect rate to aid in the efficient use of material resources. Waste factors are monitored daily and tracked across all manufacturing sites. The company firmly commits to complying with all applicable laws and regulations, and to reduce the amount of waste directed toward landfills.

Beyond manufacturing, a heightened focus on waste management is encouraged at all of the company’s locations around the world. To keep this top-of-mind, the company encourages reduction in paper waste and offers instructions related to the proper disposal of items such as batteries, printers cartridges, plastics and other recyclable materials.

Water Management

Water is another finite resource that needs protecting. The company collects data related water usage at its production facilities every month, which includes the wastewater generated. Goals are set for each site in an effort to reduce the amount of wastewater discharge. By applying more stringent standards to water management, the environmental impact on the overall water system is expected to diminish and Hanon Systems is focused on doing its part to preserve this resource.

Chemical Management

Hanon Systems strictly follows all regulations and guidelines regarding hazardous substances and works internally to a global system of data collection and monitoring. The company maintains a chemical substance management directory and material safety data sheet (MSDS) for every site and product manufactured by the company. This database of information includes the specific use, place of use, composition and properties, precautions, and first aid measures in case of an accident for every chemical used in the manufacturing process or composition of products. Before the introduction of a new chemical substance into the Hanon Systems environment, MSDS training is conducted on the new substance, which includes preliminary environmental safety reviews.

External Recognition

Since 1999, the company’s Daejeon plant as received the designation of “green company” defined by the Korea Ministry of Environment. This designation is defined as a company that significantly contributes to improving the environment by remarkably reducing pollutants, natural resources and energy, as well as improving environmentally friendly features in products and establishing of green management system in Korea. The plant was evaluated for its energy saving capacity, environmental improvement features at the Asia Pacific Innovation Center and technological innovations supporting environmentally friendly vehicles.