Hanon Systems Expands Compressor Manufacturing Capability in India

CHENNAI, India – Hanon Systems (KS:018880), a leading global provider of automotive thermal solutions, announced today the expansion of its operations in Chennai, India, to deliver the HRS compressor, the company’s new rotary suction compressor technology.


The HRS compressor is the latest series of fixed-type rotary suction compressors made by Hanon Systems. Compared to conventional rotary suction technology, HRS delivers comparable cooling capacity in a smaller package, and is durable and lightweight. Specifically, the performance of the HRS compressor offers nearly a 10 percent improvement, oil charge is reduced by 10-15 percent when coupled with a centrifugal integrated oil separator and weight is nearly 5 percent lighter than other compressors in the category.


“We are confident our HRS enhanced fixed displacement compressor will provide an exceptional value to our customers while meeting consumer expectations in terms of performance, quality and long term durability,” said Dr. Kwangtaek Hong, chief technology officer of Hanon Systems. “Our portfolio of compressor technology includes a full range solutions designed to fit most all vehicle applications and requirements.”


The Hanon Systems compressor portfolio includes fixed, rotary suction, variable and electric types.

The Chennai plant currently conducts light assembly of compressors and produces other thermal management solutions for the India market, and is changing its floor space to enable full compressor manufacturing capability. This change in manufacturing strategy supports the company’s latest business award from a major global automaker, and when combined with volume from other automakers, will generate more than 2 million HRS compressors to be produced annually by 2020 for export to global locations. 


 “The fact we can bring full compressor manufacturing production capability to our Chennai plant demonstrates our commitment to growth, and proves customer confidence in our ability to deliver innovative and competitive compressor technology to the global market,” said In-Young Lee, president and chief executive officer of Hanon Systems. “This plant will serve as a global center of excellence for Hanon Systems’ rotary suction compressor manufacturing.”


Hanon Systems operates four plants in India – Chennai, Bhiwadi, Sanand and Pune – that currently supply climate and powertrain cooling solutions to various OEMs on some of the best-selling cars and SUVs in India.