Hanon Systems Grows its Business in Response to Strong Customer Relationships

DAEJEON, Korea, Jan. 17, 2017 – Hanon Systems (KS:018880), a leading global provider of automotive thermal and energy management solutions, continues to grow its business delivering  market-leading technologies to a diverse customer base.


“We are sharply focused on growth and committed to developing innovative technologies to support the needs of automakers,” said In-Young Lee, president and chief executive officer of Hanon Systems. “What fuels our momentum is to exceed customer expectations with desired solutions, and to be lauded for our ease of working relationship and insights.”

With a strategic focus on solutions for e-mobility, autonomous vehicles and conventional automotive platforms, the company’s backlog continues to grow faster than the market and reflects contributions from all areas of its business – HVAC; powertrain cooling; compressors; fluid transport; and thermal and emissions.


Specifically, the company’s nexus of thermal and energy management solutions address government, consumer and industry trends through connected, integrated and optimized designs that meet the individual needs of automakers in the development of next generation vehicles.

Company experts apply technical know-how in the development of components, modules and system-level solutions. Examples include the super slim condenser that incorporates a rectangular multi-port tube design for superior efficiency and performance in a smaller package compared to a folded tube design; the application of alternative materials (e.g., polymers) to replace conventional aluminum lines to transport air conditioning system refrigerant; and the electrical expansion/shutoff valve family, which is a multi-purpose heat pump valve with precise switching capabilities that was named 2017 Automotive News PACE award finalist.

System and integration examples include HV iCool™, the first integrated heat pump system combining the HVAC, compressor and condenser into a single unit. By design, HV iCool creates greater freedom for interior styling by enabling the heating and cooling system to be located away from the instrument panel in non-traditional places such as under the driver’s seat or in the luggage compartment. Another is the integration of multiple cabin air quality solutions into a multi-function air purifier intended to create home-like comfort for vehicle occupants. This solution can combine an odor and particle sensor, ultraviolet (UV) photocatalyst module and a fragrance module into a single unit that can be conveniently packaged in areas such as the armrest.

To demonstrate its breadth and depth of technological innovations, the company hosted a technology expo for its customers in conjunction with the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Jan. 11-12.