Hanon Systems Extends Support to Local Communities in Korea

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 21, 2020 – Global thermal and energy management automotive supplier Hanon Systems (KS: 018880) today announced its efforts to support local communities in Korea during 2020.   


The company has a long history of giving back to local communities in Korea through volunteer events, and fundraising activities and monetary donations for charity. Many of these efforts include activities with supplier partners to promote strengthening relationships and collaboration.


Similar initiatives are practiced at Hanon Systems sites around the world as part of the Hanon Systems Citizen global social contribution scheme that aims to make a difference for as many people as possible in the areas of environment, education and the community.


In Korea, Hanon Systems recently donated 35 million KRW to the Daejeon branch of the Social Welfare Community Chest of Korea, and another 10 million KRW was directed to the Healthy Family Multicultural Family Prayer Center to purchase products for women to support low-income families in the Daejeon area.


In early December, a briquette sharing event was sponsored by the social welfare organization Go&Do, where approximately 6,000 briquettes were distributed to energy-challenged households in five towns and villages in the western Pyeongtaek area. Adhering to strict protocols surrounding the pandemic, the briquettes were distributed to local welfare facilities in a drive-through manner to avoid face-to-face interaction.


Because companies had to change the way of business in 2020, the 10th annual event with supply partner companies was held differently. In addition to discussing various business topics to promote sustainable growth, the event included a collaborative donation activity aimed at fostering a culture of social contribution. More than 80 million KRW was raised and directed to support local underprivileged families and neighborhoods.


In early April, Hanon Systems also hosted a blood donation event at its Daejeon plant. The campaign aimed to bring employees together in a meaningful way by volunteering to help to replenish the local blood supply, which was at low levels due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Other events included a 100 million KRW donation to the Rural Community Cooperation Fund, and a donation of face masks to those in need in the Daegu and Gyeongbuk regions.


To learn more about Hanon Systems Citizen, visit https://www.hanonsystems.com/En/Responsibility/Citizen.