Hanon Systems Pyeongtaek Plant Produces 100 Million Compressors

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 8, 2020 – Global thermal and energy management supplier Hanon Systems (KS: 018880) today announced its automotive compressor plant in Pyeongtaek has reached a milestone production level of 100 million units. 


The plant, which opened in 1991 and will celebrate 30 years of operation in October 2021, has shown impressive results manufacturing a total of 50 million units by 2012 and 90 million units by 2019.


The 65,000 square meter (approximately 700,000 square feet) site incorporates highly automated manufacturing equipment and disciplined processes to produce electric compressors for eco-friendly vehicles, and fixed and variable compressors for vehicles with internal combustion engines.


The compressor is the heart of a vehicle’s air conditioning system, and a critical component sought by automakers for its innovation, durability and quality,” said Min Sung, representative executive officer of Hanon Systems. “This production milestone at Pyeongtaek sends a strong signal about the company’s long history and proven experience supplying compressors to the automotive industry.”


The production milestone is one of several recent achievements for the Pyeongtaek plant. Among these includes an unwavering commitment to health and safety of workers, and efforts to improve the environment for future generations. In 2019, the plant was awarded the grand prize from the Korea Ministry of Environment and received the “Green Company” designation for energy-saving initiatives in the manufacture of solutions that support eco-friendly vehicles. In the same year, the plant launched a solar power system to generate renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).  


In addition to the plant in Pyeongtaek, Hanon Systems produces automotive compressors in Hungary, Portugal, India and China.