Hanon Systems Supplies Eco-Friendly R744 Heat Pump Components to VW

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 1, 2020 –  Global thermal and energy management supplier Hanon Systems (KS: 018880) today announced the company is supplying its innovative R744 heat pump components to the Volkswagen Group for its global MEB platform.


Designed specifically for battery-powered and electric vehicles, the first to market R744 heat pump components enable a single solution that delivers cabin comfort in cold or warm conditions with low power consumption.


“Based on our own market insight and engagement with global vehicle manufacturers, electric vehicle driving range is a known important consideration,” said Nurdal Kücükkaya, president of Hanon Systems. “Our solutions for R744 heat pump systems demonstrate Hanon Systems is actively developing and bringing to market solutions to address these challenges in automotive electrification.”


The solution designed with Volkswagen uses R744 refrigerant (also known as carbon dioxide or CO2), which is widely known for its heat transfer properties and operates at higher pressure levels compared to other refrigerants. The solutions supplied by Hanon Systems, in combination with the refrigerant characteristics of R744, improves energy consumption compared to conventional refrigerants while meeting the desired cabin temperature, even in challenging sub-zero temperatures.


Hanon Systems supplies the electric compressor, refrigerant valves, internal heat exchanger and accumulator as part of the R744 heat pump system equipped on various models based on the Volkswagen MEB platform.